Dear October,

It’s embarrassing to admit that March was the very last time we blogged….ah, yikes. Excuse us while we slap ourselves with a ruler, shame, shame, shame in the game! But let’s face it, with all the social media out there, who has time to blog!?! Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook = head-spinning, late nights and caffeine addictions on overdrive.  On the upside the lack of attention to our blog means that we have been knee, neck and entire body deep into our 2016 weddings….and still going strong- which is what we LOVE doing- even if it means we haven’t been able to catch up in the blogosphere, clean our houses or go to the gym <—– not so sad about that last one. So we are posting to say STAY TUNED, we’ve got loads of good things coming your way. We’ll be adding to our vintage rentals and uploading all of our recent work including our wild and organic floral designs. If you simply can’t wait email us! Stay tuned babes!