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Katey, Chief Hustler + Stylist

weddingstylistconnecticutI grew up in Southeastern Connecticut and couldn’t wait to hightail it to a warmer climate. My loving parents, Leigh and David, eventually (and reluctantly) agreed to drive cross-country and plop me in California. We packed up my lead sled and looking like the Clampetts made our way across the great land of America- complete with a custom sign taped to the back windshield that let all the other vehicles know that this 1980 maroon Volvo was headed for- ‘California or BUST’.* Years later I returned with a degree from UCSB and it wasn’t until then that I began to appreciate the beauty that is New England. I bought a 13-passenger van (thought about painting FREE WIFI on the side for some laughs) and every weekend I would bomb around filling it up with the most ga-ga-gorgeous castaways. New England is the mecca for antiques and vintage pieces- if they could talk- you’d want to put pen to paper and hear their story. I’m a big sucker for anything rich with patina and love anything that looks like it’s been put through the ringer. It is my job to create beautiful sets and gorgeous backdrops- together they help to make the memories that will stay with you forever on a day you will never forget. *she did bust in Las Vegas. But that’s an entirely different story.

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connecticutfloraldesignerLeigh, Wedding Florist Extraordinaire + Stylist 

My love for flora and fauna started at a very early age. My room could double as a plant menagerie-it was filled with ferns, cactus and some philodendrons- much to my mother’s dismay. Fast forward to when yellow leather fringe jackets were in style- circa 1980s- I opened up a successful wedding florist shop in New London. After my first daughter Sumer was born, my passion for flowers had to take the back burner. Raising three children is a full-time job, but my love for flowers never subsided- there is no simpler way make your home beautiful then to take a few stems and place them here or there. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature and whatever else God puts in my path. In the fall (my favorite season) there is nothing more comfortable then a wool sweater, a beautiful shade of lipstick and a walk through the flea market. Perusing in the brisk autumn air is a favorite pastime. I am a firm believer that everyone has a purpose. Mine is to create floral designs and style events just for you.

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THINGS I LOVE: I love three ‘F’ words: Family. Flowers. Food… They make me incredibly happy. And I LOVE Jesus.

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