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A Sign of a Good Party….

is great flowers….As summer settles in and wedding season begins to reach its peak, there’s an undeniable feeling in the air—a harmonious blend of great times, good music and the sweet scent of blooming flowers.

From a boutique mother-daughter duo to a flourishing small business, K.L.W. Design Co. epitomizes the essence of thoughtful floral artistry. With 30 years of experience passed down from mother Leigh to daughter Katey- pairing both grit and perseverance to create floral arrangements that celebrate the beauty of nature.

Leigh, now a consultant and full-time grandmother, has imparted her wealth of knowledge to Katey, who approaches each project with meticulous care and attention to detail. Treating every wedding as if it were her own, Katey prioritizes understanding her clients’ styles on multiple levels, ensuring that each proposal reflects their unique vision.

K.L.W. Design Co. creates for local weddings in Connecticut and Rhode Island, venturing out as far as the Catskills and Montauk, New York, bringing creative perspective to diverse locations. With each season, the KLW team reunites, eager to infuse their hand-crafted creations with new flair and ingenuity.

KLW remains committed to crafting tailored weddings for clients who value the beauty of flowers and appreciate the dedication behind personalized floral designs.

Collaboration is key for K.L.W. Design Co., as they thrive when working with clients who entrust them with their wedding visions. Grateful for the opportunity to flourish, the team is dedicated to creating extraordinary experiences and memories through their artistry.

Photo by Mark Spooner

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