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Wedding Flowers : The Ruby Red Hydrangea

The ruby red hydrangea brings a lot to the table (or should I say work bench!) Its multi-faceted rich tones bring out so many hues when partnered with smaller gems. And…let’s not forget this flower’s size, it’s a large round bloom and it’s robust color can be quite volcanic, making a statement all on its own or paired with lovely greenery. It’s unlike the usual dahlia, peony and/or rose bouquet. The ruby red hydrangea looks fabulous flying solo or with a few little fleeting flowers poking their little heads out shyly as if to say hello, I’m here too! The hydrangea can also stand up to thick luscious ribbon tied bouquets without looking ridiculous.

FUN FLOWER FACT: Hydrangeas usually change color with social acidity. Acidic soils yield blue flowers, neutral soils produce pale ivory petals, and alkaline soils can result in pink or even purple.

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