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    After a restful and rejuvenating Winter, and plenty of good reads and homemade meals, we are finally awakening to nature’s alarm clock for the start of Spring. Enter vibrant daffodils, fritillaria, muscari, ranunculus, and bright flowering branches, all of which are a delight to the senses…..

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  • Dear October,

    It’s embarrassing to admit that March was the very last time we blogged….ah, yikes. Excuse us while we slap ourselves with a ruler, shame, shame, shame on us! But let’s face it, with all the social media out there, who has time to blog!?! Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook = head-spinning. On the upside the lack of attention to our blog means the we have been knee, neck and entire body deep into our 2016 weddings….

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  • Hey You…Bride to be…we’ve been waiting….

    Hey you! You look different! Well why wouldn’t you. It’s 2016 and perhaps you’re rocking a new somethin’ somethin’ on a particular finger on a particular hand and maybe perhaps…one HUGE smile. Are we right?! Congratulations to you dahlin’! Amen + hallelujah. Did you feel that? It was a virtual squeezer from Leigh and myself. We love engagements. We love your engagement. We can’t wait to hear all about just how he or she proposed. Was it grand? Was it intimate? Was it in public? Did you cry?! Did they cry?! Oh. The. Details. But until then, we know you’re here for a reason….