Connecticut Farmhouse Table Rental


We’ve always adored the rustic craftsmanship that only a well weathered farm table has and actually we prefer it over a modern smooth surface all day err’y day. As a wedding trend, we don’t see farmhouse tables going away anytime soon and thank GAWD! They are so naturally fetching and compliment whatever will be on it’s table top quite harmoniously. Most table rentals can be a complete ugly bore and eyesore but our neutral farmhouse tables blend in while also making a bold statement. Almost as if the table is politely convincing your guests in a hushed whisper, “Oh, I saw you look at me, you like me don’t you? You want me in your home, huh? Ya, they all do.” We kid you not, whenever we haul these farmhouse tables to a bridal show we almost always have at least one spectator if not more ask, “Are these for sale?”



Our smaller farmhouse table is the perfect size for a sweetheart table for you and your lovah. Our medium and large farmhouse tables are terrific for escort card display tables, gift and card tables, dessert tables, guest book table or even just wedding flowers, candles and picture frames.


Our farmhouse tables are built from reclaimed wood found in the corners and forgotten places of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Their distressed, white and chippy legs are persistently pursued from all along parts of Connecticut’s shoreline from old homes and abandoned houses. Not one of our farmhouse tables for rent are the same and we like it that way.

If  you are looking to rent one of our farmhouse tables from our event rental collections please contact us here or call 860-608-6521.