Ready to Create in 2022….

Wedding florist

After a restful and rejuvenating Winter, and plenty of good reads and homemade meals, we are finally awakening to nature’s alarm clock for the start of Spring. Enter vibrant daffodils, tulips, fritillaria, muscari, ranunculus, and bright flowering branches, all of which are a delight to the senses. While the abundance of nature pulls us out of our recuperative downtime from an immensely creative season, and awakens us with so many wonderful floral varieties, we are feeling eternally grateful for having the time to rest and recharge.


For most people, Winter is the time to refresh and prepare for the changing seasons ahead. Winter provides us with time and space for reflection, and gratitude for nature’s and life’s inevitable transitions that reach each and every one of us.


Taking a brief hibernation after a busy stretch of working hard never goes out of style. Whether it’s a weekend away in a tiny coastal town, or a few weeks off the grid on Fishers Island, setting aside time to reset has its benefits for both your body and your brain. Grind culture is at an all time high, and while we believe in hustling our bums off, we also believe in self-care, rest, nourishment, and food for the soul in between. Good eats, nature, and period piece novels are just how we do it. 


For us, rest is necessary and it’s always the sweetest when followed by yet another uniquely extraordinary season… which leads us into the magic to come for 2022. 


We can count on many hands why we love what we do, but something that keeps coming to mind is our clients’ ability to trust us with their vision, which is truly when we shine the most. Being able to collaborate with our clients is a gift. Whether it’s a shared Pinterest board covered in organically arranged blue thistle and dramatic baby’s breath arbor installs, or a running list of monochromatic color schemes and favorite blossoms, creative collaboration allows us to gracefully bring ideas to life in a way that lights up more hearts than one. It’s where the real alchemy happens. 


If this year’s one-of-a-kind wedding gowns are any indication of what’s about to take place this season, let it be known that they are giving our florals some major competition. Seriously, we are floored at the creativity and detail. This season’s not-cookie-cutter events (which are our favorite) are colorful in more ways than one, with immaculate florals and decor that capture each bride’s style candidly and magically. We love funky color-ways and accents that bring our blooms to life. Designing floral installs and bundles that have the power to elevate even the simplest of spaces is a true super power, and we couldn’t be more ready for this year’s docket. 


We are feeling charged up and energized to jump right back into our favorite time of year, ready to design spaces with timeless details and oomph that continue to surprise even ourselves. Somehow, we got incredibly lucky by connecting with clients who let us do what we love for our livelihood, and there is no better honor than that.