Hey You…Bride to be…we’ve been waiting….

Hey you! You look different! Well why wouldn’t you. It’s 2016 and perhaps you’re rocking a new somethin’ somethin’ on a particular finger on a particular hand and maybe perhaps…one HUGE smile. Are we right?! Congratulations to you dahlin’! Amen + hallelujah. Did you feel that? It was a virtual squeezer from Leigh and myself. We love engagements. We love your engagement. We can’t wait to hear all about just how he or she proposed. Was it grand? Was it intimate? Was it in public? Did you cry?! Did they cry?! Oh. The. Details. But until then, we know you’re here for a reason….

You just got engaged and you’re on the prowl. You are on the hunt. We know. LAWD, do we know. Perhaps you’re looking for a floral designer…with style? Unique rentals….that aren’t found anywhere else? Art direction that will slap that device out of your hand when you’ve completely overdosed on Pinterest? Custom decor that is literally just for you-you-and only y-o-u!? Something different! Something you haven’t seen! Or maybe you’ve been eyeing a wedding trend you really really really love and are looking for the right people to help bring it. That is, BRING IT to your wedding. You’ve come to the right place love. You’ve found us. Welcome home, we’ve been waiting. Take a peek around, browse our floral design + decor work, stalk our rental inventory or cut right to the chase and ask us out on a date, ok??! Hey, we’re buyin’.