Zooming through 2021


If you’re currently working from home, you’re likely awfully familiar with using Zoom. It’s also known as one of the most popular apps in video communication technology because it has successfully made communicating and carrying on during COVID-19 doable for countless people around the world.

Whether you’re on call, doing a digital photo shoot, sitting in on a meeting with your boss, or interviewing for a job, communicating through this form of technology has become the standard norm in our daily lives. It’s also made it so our kids can access their education and continue learning, all while allowing for virtual medical and health consultations to take place in order to keep people safe and healthy.

That’s just one piece of it, though.

There’s also a whole other part of the world that is experiencing gruesome, unprecedented hardships ruled by uncertainty, which come at the hands of COVID-19, and learning to cope with extraordinary distance. We’re talking long-term distance, a term we are now too closely acquainted with.

The way we celebrate birthdays has changed… and holidays, too. Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduations, and last but not least, baby showers, have all occurred within this virtual landscape that has taken the place of traditional gatherings with close friends and family.

While we might be getting comfortable with video chats, we’re still trying to figure out how to make this new practice of communication emulate the same qualities as in-person communication. Engaging family members and friends and making people feel close in a virtual world is a challenge within itself, but even more so when celebrating a certain occasion by holding an event via Zoom.

Here at K.L.W., we take pride in having a part in making our clients feel close to their loved ones, especially during the year of 2021, when community and comfort are everything. Sometimes, this looks like hand-delivering a dazzling bouquet or putting together special installations to accentuate the space at an event. Most recently, we provided bountiful florals and rental furniture to a beautiful mom-to-be at her baby shower, which was hosted through Zoom.

What was especially unique about this client’s gathering was her method of making each guest feel included and appreciated. Since gifts were sent in the mail prior to the event, there had to be a way for the client to open them alongside the friend or family member from which they were sent.

She did this by allocating a time slot on Zoom for each virtual guest, which would be spent unwrapping gifts one-on-one. Who knew something like this would be the genius solution to making everyone feel “together”? This makes for a personal, intimate experience that is hard to achieve when opening gifts in front of a large group of people all at once. There were also Zoom groups, and the computer screen was cast to the television so groups of guests could be seen.

The best part? She did this all while wearing a delicately hand-crafted flower crown, with two arrangements to compliment her fresh and floral aesthetic. We designed a grand and elegant floral piece that was used to adorn a bold, beautiful wicker throne. We used one of our favorites: pampas grass, which is soft, wispy, and graceful. It creates the perfect look for any women-powered pow wow. We paired these with heavy handfuls of baby pink and white roses. And yes, we’re talking the baby shower florals of every woman’s dreams!

The setup that was created for this sweet client proves that going above and beyond to create spectacular decorations and accents of floral beauty make any event feel special for all included, regardless of physical distance.