Back to Life, Back to Reality(ish)

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Slowly, the world has begun waking back up and functioning at somewhat optimal capacity. With the weather getting warmer, restaurants are able to seat outdoors and regain their customer base, all while the notion of traveling to see our family members gradually becomes more attainable. We are steadily moving toward what we once knew as normalcy, and we’ve spent so much of the past year reminiscing on times when we were able to leave the house without thinking twice. To be frank, I don’t think any of us anticipated this pandemic would take up so much of our lives.

The world, as a whole, aches to feel alive again. Working from home didn’t always used to be the status quo. For the last year or so, dressing for work has looked like a fancy number on top and sweats on bottom. Sometimes crocs, other times, slippers. and some of us never thought we’d miss the daily trips to Starbucks before getting to the office. The 15-minute walk from the apartment to work might have been something we used to complain about, but fresh air and a change of scenery from the living room sofa and coffee table to real grass and sunshine can be magnanimous.

If we’re being real here, what comes with this steady worldwide “recovery” is lots of caution and concern. Even as we begin to renew, restart, and reintegrate, we maintain our distance and continue wearing masks because we know it’s safer to do so until the COVID-19 pandemic is truly over. Whether it’s a cubicle, retail desk, workshop or classroom, readjusting in any work environment is going to come with it’s own challenges as we make this transition back to a fully-functioning lifestyle. This means that doing our part is crucial, and staying conscious of our space is necessary.

For us, this means events and weddings are about to kick off. And while we can’t even begin to tell you how much we miss wedding season, we want to emphasize that we are returning to a full work schedule with policies and procedures in place to protect our clients, event guests, and ourselves. *Floral patterned masks on deck*

Though guest lists may be getting longer as the Spring leads us through 2021, we pledge to do our part in ensuring the health and safety of everyone we work with, near or far. Navigating increased guest counts might mean a carefully thought-out seating arrangement and falling in love with an outdoor venue, but if we can get together (six-feet-apart together) to help celebrate some of life’s most beautiful moments with beautiful blossoms, we’re already there.