Watch Hill Launch


Our mother-and-daughter duo has grown into much more than a partnership based on the shared love for the beauty and craft of the floral industry. After spending four seasons designing floral pieces and decor for various weddings and events, we knew we wanted to extend our unique services and creative ideas to more than just the communities we work with.

Finally, KLW Watch Hill is no longer under wraps! We have expanded the availability of our beautiful floral creations to the seaside of Watch Hill, the darling beach town that rests on the southwestern coast of Rhode Island.

Our new retail store will allow customers to peruse our fresh, handmade floral designs, delicate dried stems, and live plants. It will also feature beautiful goods including artisan soap infused with essential oils, a selection of coastal bohemian apparel, and sweetly scented candles that represent some of our favorite blooms. We can ensure that our vibrant floral products will always be freshly handmade. Having our workshop just fifteen minutes away in downtown Westerly makes delivering this promise to clients all the more important to us. We live to create assemblages of artistic and bountiful blossoms that you can bring into your home and elevate your space with.

The exterior of the shop features two, grand bay windows which will be perfect for tasteful window displays that become a source of positivity and creative inspiration for passersby. Right in the early hours of the morning, the sun comes through a wide roof window and warms up the cozy interior. When we’re talking florals and botanicals, there truly isn’t anything else that brings out their unique color and detail like natural lighting. Even better, the deep, vaulted ceilings with an exposed wood beam allows for detailed statement floral installations- a floral designer’s dream. We are using every square inch of this space to invite customers into a serene atmosphere that encourages individual expression and personal style, be it a sun hat or a fiddle-leaf fig.

Not to mention, we are elated to be neighbors with some of the most exquisite local businesses in Watch Hill, including St. Claire Annex, where we’ll be getting ice cream after our shifts, and Ten Sandwiches, an eatery that uses the finest local and organic ingredients. We are also within walking distance to Olympia Tea Room, which is known as a central hub of old Watch Hill, featuring a modern and elegant bistro-style menu and an award-winning wine list. Nearby is Isoude, a luxury clothing shop that offers mindful and ethically made pieces to the Watch Hill community, as well as Rochelle’s Boutique, which sells standout, USA-made items. Coco and Lala is just a couple hundred feet away, where you can find colorful clothing for both kids and adults. Lastly, we are a short drive away from the Ocean House, Watch Hill’s most extravagant hotel and summertime fine-dining destination. Just wait until you see it.

Behind the shop lies ocean waves just steps away: the geologically historic and timelessly breathtaking Napatree Point, which also serves as a local conservation area. If you’re looking for a place to catch the sunrise in the early hours of the morning before the summer heat creeps in, we assure you, this is the place.

We’re already planning our morning pre-work routine with coffee from one of the many shops in the village, paired with a long, peaceful and energizing loop around East Beach right in front of the Ocean House.

Our retail store will be the botanical destination in the heart of the Watch Hill community, making it a perfect stop on your way from the beach during the upcoming New England heat waves. So, come in and say hi and take a break to browse our collection of sweet, decorative products. We couldn’t be more thrilled to share.

Written by Gillian Mattern