Thanksgiving 2020

thanksgiving flower centerpiece

At the beginning of 2020, we walked blissfully through the new year, not knowing that we would soon have to wait months on end to see our family and loved ones. As spring approached, the world slowed, and the pandemic consumed the United States in a way we never imagined it could.

Mother’s Day was a tough one. How do you celebrate the person who brought you into the world without hugging them tight or taking them out to their favorite breakfast spot? Moms around the world received extra flowers in lieu of hugs, kisses, brunch, and visits with family, and we made sure of it.

Yet here we are just over six months later, missing our families more than ever. With Thanksgiving waiting just around the corner, we sit anxiously at home thinking of ways we can truly emulate a warm, comforting, and intimate holiday with those closest to us. Some are sharing secret family recipes and cooking together on Skype, while others are teaching each other how to make a dessert charcuterie board through FaceTime. Some families will say grace at the dinner table, apart but together on their iPhones, while others are gifting home cooked meals at the doorsteps of their loved ones, because Thanksgiving just can’t be the same without Grandpa’s infamous pumpkin pie. And, let’s not forget about the folks who are sending beloved bouquets of blooms to their Moms and Grandma’s to garnish the dining room table and represent their presence together.

All year, we’ve had to modify the way we spend time together. Technology has become the world’s most valuable tool, keeping grandma in the loop and our children connected to their education. Amidst all of the chaos that has ensued as a result of this pandemic, staying connected has become our number one goal, and we make it work. And, let’s just say it here that we are ALL superheroes for making it work, even in the utmost circumstances. *purchases yourself flowers*

So, this Thanksgiving, there’s a unique emphasis on what it means to be thankful. Now that we’ve had to adapt to living six feet apart from each other, we’ve come to value each other’s company in a novel, different way. All anyone can think about is how they can’t wait until this is over, or how eager we all are to go back to normal so we can be in the company of family and friends that love and support us the deepest. This year, the world truly learned a new definition of what it means to be grateful for good health and the presence of the ones we love. This experience, as we know it, has changed the way we think about life’s most precious moments.

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