How We Do Valentine’s Day at K.L.W.

valentines day

Most of 2020 consisted of us human beings walking blindly through each holiday, missing loved ones and feeling uncertain as to when we would get to see them next. We didn’t anticipate that we would have an empty chair at the dinner table for almost all of our favorite family-oriented holidays and celebrations, including birthdays. It’s an empty feeling that we’ve grown too familiar with. When Mother’s Day approached last spring, we felt it, and it returned when Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around in the autumn and winter. While most of us were glad to see a polarizing 2020 come to a close, we walked into the New Year with reluctance to be hopeful for the holidays to come.

On the other hand, dealing with more distance and greater lengths have urged us to seek new ways to make us feel closer together. Some have dug deep into the corners of their creativity to express their love for those closest to them, be it sending intricate hand-made cards in the mail or registering a beloved friend for a thoughtful subscription service to cater to their favorite hobby. Others are making and sharing personalized playlists, or becoming daily Zoom users by the minute. We all have different ways of saying “I love you” or “I care about you,” even with thousands of miles in between.

One gesture that has yet to falter is that of gifting flowers. At this point, flowers mean more than the words mentioned above. Though flowers are simple, they matter more when physical touch and traditional forms of comforting cannot take place. Now, flowers replace tight, minute-long hugs and overdue kisses. They represent heavier acts of love and care. This time around, flowers often mean “I miss you.”

We at K.L.W. wish we weren’t experiencing another holiday under the same circumstances as the last, but we’re still here, and so are our florals. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up next month, we’ve already begun planning the most decadent and delicate stems for this year’s bouquets and floral arrangements to help you tell your person, partner, friend, or family member that you’re still here, too.

Though many people may know that Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for any person working in the floral industry, few know that an estimated 250 million roses are grown each year for the holiday alone. Red roses are the most popular, while white and pink rank respectively. Red roses are commonly used to express love and romance, while white roses tend to symbolize youthfulness, and pink associated with gratitude or gentleness

Whether it’s an arrangement that means “I miss you” or “I love you,” we have what you need to express your appreciation for that person who you’d rather be wrapping in a warm, comforting hug.

Thoughtfulness, comfort and expression are the new 2021. Say it with flowers. Believe us, it’ll mean something big.