Giddy about 2023…

connecticut wedding floral designer

We’ve been quiet here at KLW for the past couple of months and with very good reason. Between practicing some winter self-care, being with family, reading lots of books, and even horseback riding in Escoheag, Rhode Island, we’ve been continuing our floral design education and getting our minds and bodies deeply rested for this year’s wedding season.


And boy, are we ready for it. 


This year, we will be collaborating with some of our treasured local spots, such as the Ocean House, Jonathan Edwards Winery, Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Stone Acres Farm, and Shepherd’s Run. We’ll be venturing back to Newport, and Block Island and Cape Cod are also on this year’s calendar. The KLW crew is making another trip all the way up to Callicoon Hills and Long Eddy – two of our favorite spots in New York. We’re already dreaming about the lingering, sweet scent of blooms that saturates the van after a long drive!


But that isn’t even close to covering all the reasons why we’re overjoyed about 2023’s wedding season. The universe has called for some serious color this year, and we’ve never seen clients feeling more unafraid of getting bold and creative with their palettes. Yes to more adventures with whimsical vases and one-of-a-kind textures. And in true KLW fashion, we’re brainstorming designs for intricate overhead installations and custom statement pieces that will inspire you to fill every empty space in your home with something pretty.


Bottom line, the real win for us is getting the privilege to work with clients who truly value the beauty of flowers and how they can artfully elevate a space. Giving us creative reign allows us to create our most exquisite work. There’s a certain spark that goes off when we meet with clients who get excited about our work as much as we do, and those people are our people. 


Until May, we’ll be soaking up these last few weeks of winter and getting ready to lead this wedding season off with a bang. We’re welcoming every ounce of good and warm energy and cheering on those who keep putting their boldest foot forward.