Father’s Day


This year, we’re appreciating and honoring the dads who always show up and come through for the worst and best moments, before, during, and after quarantine.

Aside from working tirelessly at their jobs, fixing what’s broken, and teaching most of us what we know about sports and engine oil, dads and father figure’s deserve all of the recognition for being there the second they know they’re needed. They’re constantly willing to contribute their pragmaticism and emotional support the best way they know how. These are the dads who show up for the blackbelt graduations, celebrate for the first huge job offer, and gift a teary-eyed walk down the wedding aisle.

They help us understand some of life’s hardest lessons about letting go of what hurts, standing up for your beliefs and doing the right thing when it’s never the easier option. They teach us the importance of possessing a work ethic based on integrity and resilience, and how to grow into a passion that leads to a future ripe with gratitude, fulfillment and humility. Their many, uniquely developed parenting methods teach us, simply, how to “do” life.

This month at our Watch Hill retail shop, we’ll be supplying you with an array of unique goods for the father figure in your life.

First, we’re selling a small garlic cellar for storing garlic bulbs, perfect for the dad who enjoys spending their time off in the kitchen. This culinary gem was handmade specifically for KLW by a local artist, making it the ideal creative kitchen tool your chef-of-a-father never knew he needed. Pair this with our glossy, horn salt + pepper shakers that’ll bring your father’s next (socially distanced) dinner party to the top tier, whether he’s the cook or the host.

For the dog-lover dad who loses his keys too often, we’re selling a ‘man’s best friend’ key holder which features a small, floppy-eared pup statue and attached wicker basket. It serves as a perfectly simple decoration for an entryway table where car keys will stay put … even those to the ‘69 Chevelle Super Sport that you’ve been begging to drive since you were 16.

One of our favorites is the handmade ceramic matchstick holder, which is a gift for the dad who appreciates a functional piece of art. What’s better than when someone gets you something you can use that also looks good? If your dad is the type of guy who enjoys a juicy cigar every once in a while (especially on his own holiday), you may consider gifting this item with one of his favorite tobacco flavors. The bottom of this piece can also be used to light matches, which makes it the fanciest way to spark up a celebratory Father’s Day cigar.

In the case that your dad likes to garden as much as we do, we’ll be selling grow-your-own sprouts and terrarium kits in darling mason and cork jars, in addition to rabbitfoot and maidenhair potted ferns and cacti to throw a little color of nature into his work-from-home office. After all, it wouldn’t be a true KLW holiday if the shop wasn’t carrying some sort of botanical product.

Speaking of home offices, you may also stumble across our cheeky, witty-themed notebooks that’ll make your dad feel like the organized genius he’s always dreamt of becoming. Don’t miss a peek at our notebook pen clips, for the guys who are picky about their ballpoints.

Lastly, for the simplest of all men, the shop will be selling a few of the New York Times best reads, perfect for a trip to the beach when being in the kitchen or office isn’t top priority.

Dads might have a funky way of expressing their love at times, but there’s no question about its presence. There are minimal words to express the appreciation we have for the fathers who are doing it all. And while a bouquet of flowers from our Westerly workshop may not be every dad’s cup of tea, small and thoughtful gifts that remind them just how much we love them will certainly do the trick this Father’s Day.

We hope that you can find a little something in our shop for the special father in your lives. Stop in, we’d love to see you.

Written By Gillian Mattern