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Non-glamourous Stories of Guts + Vintage Glory: The Tale of Goldie the Vintage Settee

Our journey just to the vintage settee was a three-hour long ride- and that’s not where the adventure began. The real shenanigans started when we found out upon arrival that this gargantuan gorgeous giant was located not on the first but second floor…

ha. HA. HAA. 

And just for fun this stairwell wasn’t straight down- oh no, it had a 90 degree landing – click here for a visual just so you can feel our pain- do it.

 What, oh what were we ta do?

Always down for a challenge, we rolled up our sleeves, picked her up and quickly found out what happens when a narrow passageway and a super-sized settee collide. It’s like trying to ram a hot dog into a nose piercing.

Not. Pretty. 

We drove three hours one way for this? You better believe it. The scenic ride was beautiful and all but what we wanted was to take home the pot of gold that was at the end of this rainbow road.
Never underestimate two stubborn and hardworking Polish gals who completely overestimated their ability to get this settee out safely and soundly #notprofessionalmovers  
Halfway down the steps, sweating and silently snarling, we flipped her over in midair in slow motion (are you following?) and while we were prematurely praising ourselves for getting past the hairpin turn, we realized we seriously in all seriousness got her stuck at the bottom of the stairs unable to get her our of the stairwell itself.

Oh. Shit. 

This is definitely NOT how the #realprofessionalmovers had done it. Beep- beep, beep– back up on Aisle 12. Um, excuse me but do you happen to have any W-D 40? Yikes. Then someone said- and at this point I would compare this to like the first Spring bird singing after a long harsh winter, “oh, we can take the banister out”……

Praise Jesus. 

 So we started to unwedge her and by the grace of God she was coaxed out of her spectacular wedgie. A couple minutes later, after the spindles and banister were temporarily removed Goldie coasted right through that opening like a seasoned bobsled on an icy slicked luge during Sochi….
Soon we were out the do’- and she was ours!!!!

 And now, she’s yours to rent.

Vintage Settee Rental

This vintage settee is absolute perfection and craftsmanship at it’s finest. You will not find any other wedding rental company in Connecticut that has a vintage rental piece like this in their inventory- guaranteed. If you want to grandstand your wedding guests, let them take a seat and sink into this inarguably divine vintage settee- your lounge area NEVER looked this good.

You aren’t renting a piece of furniture- this is a sanctioned statement piece, this puts the ‘OW-OW’ in wow-factor. This is the conversation starter. This is Goldie.

Contact us here if you are interested in reserving this vintage settee for your wedding or event.