Lather up and smell the roses…

floral soap

Lets face it, hand washing has without a doubt become the most unlikely and ultra hip trend of 2020.  In a time when cleanliness, wellness and self care are of the utmost importance, many conscious consumers are looking for the creme de la creme of hygiene products to keep bacteria at bay in the time of Covid-19.  And boy do we have a product that’ll do just that – say it with us – Saipua bar soap.

We know what you’re thinking.  Bar soap is a slimy, slippery mess and usually covered in someone else’s hair – right?  Gross.  But trust us, this is not your grandmothers Dial bar. Throw out those preconceived notions of traditional “bar soap” with the proverbial bathwater and get to know Susan Ryhanen – a well respected florist and artist who helped change the game back in 1997 when she started crafting organic soaps in her Brooklyn Apartment.  By 2006, Saipua was born.  

These days, this darling, floral soap company operates out of the farm at Worlds End founded in 2011 and located in upstate New York. Beginning in June of this year, one can visit for lunch in the “Coyote Cafe”, visit the flock of Icelandic sheep or check out the flower fields and vegetable gardens on the grounds. The mission? To “develop into a dynamic consortium of creative endeavors; cultivating products, spaces, educational programing, and experiences that foster and encourage more intimate and provocative connections to the natural world” says the website. 

If you still aren’t convinced, let us help explain.  Bar soaps have made an explosive comeback the past several years.  Newer formulas are replacing the traditional overly-fragranced and skin-drying bars of yesteryear with ones boasting natural, safe ingredients, heavenly scents, and brands associated with social responsibility and a lesser carbon footprint.  Bar soaps aren’t only environmentally friendly in packaging but also in practice, typically lasting longer and having fewer preservatives than their liquid counterparts. High ranking beauty industry professionals are jumping on board and its clear where the future lies, bar soap has had a roaring resurgence and in no uncertain terms are ALL. THE. RAGE. 

Saipua itself embodies many of the things the KLW team loves about our work with botanics. Carrying local, small-batch and handmade goods.  Supporting women-owned business. Identifying natures abundance and crafting it into products that bring joy.  Yes, yes, yesssss!

Produced with cold-pressed olive oil and scented with pure essential oils these soaps lock in moisture and smell phenomenal.  Did we mention the packaging is out of this world gorgeous? KLW will soon open it’s highly anticipated Westerly, Rhode Island storefront that will (among other things) stock 6 different Saipua bars – Rose Geranium, Saltwater, Goat Milk with Basil, Black Soap with Charcoal and Patchouli, Coffee Mint (Leigh’s favorite) and Lavender Oatmeal (Katey’s favorite).    With Mother’s Day right around the corner, what better to add-on to your floral design order for mom?  

Lather up and smell the roses this Mother’s Day all from the comfort of home, because we’ll deliver with safety and wellness in mind. If you are in the Connecticut or Rhode Island areas, you can count on KLW Floral Design Co. Stay, home, safe, and clean – we can help with all three!  And don’t forget to honor the moms in your life this coming weekend – to the ones with babies, both in the belly and out, plant mamas, dog mamas, and mamas of dragons – we see you, we love you, you’re doing great.  Keep up the good work.

Written by Erin Jonsson