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We’re Hiring | Creative Photographer

Well, well, well- since we have begun our floral design and wedding styling business in Connecticut we have received loads of inquires in search of any open positions at K.L.W. Floral Design Co. The time has come. We are looking and it may be just you we are looking for…..

Creative Photographer 

With K.L.W. Design Co. it’s all about the details and this position requires you to capture all of them.

Must have a creative set of eyes, must know your camera and software. Must love flowers and the wedding industry. You don’t mind sweating or the occasional swear.

You love the hustle.

This is strictly a seasonal side gig- possible one or two weekdays but mostly weekends.

Your application at a minimum should include a resume, link to your portfolio and why you want to work at K.L.W. Design Co.

Submit your resume to [email protected]

Only qualified applicants will be responded to.