K.L.W. Design Co. on the cover of Connecticut Bride Magazine

South Farms, Morris, Connecticut: Wow. We are so freakin’ on the weekin’ right now! Over the moon. Thankful. Blessed. We are truly truly grateful to be not only of the cover of Connecticut Bride but also to have a 10-page spread inside the glossy magazine. We had no idea this was going to be in the magazine let alone the cover….

The photo-shoot started not at the venue but at one of our favorite secret coffee shops, hint: the owner is friendly and also slightly obsessed with cats. We were invited by Robyn Blasi- a complete stranger to us then but a close and dear friend of ours now. She was telling us about a new venue in Morris Connecticut called South Farms, a rustic yet beautiful barn that would be holding weddings and events. Robyn wanted to collaborate on a photo-shoot and asked us to help style and design three different looks to be held in three different areas at South Farms. We were in? Abso-bleepin’-lutely.

The day of the shoot we packed up the van with our floral designs, rental props and hesitant smiles. We had no idea just what we were in for. Making the drive from Waterford to Morris in the wee hours of the morning on a very chilly day, ready or not Betty the Boat was a’comin’ (our van)….

South Farms was located on a tiny hill nestled behind glorious fields, the barn itself stark white and inside- inside was a rustic-lover’s delight. But I’m getting ahead of myself- we parked. We walked in.

Holy circus! It was complete organized chaos. There were photographers, the event coordinator + owner, models and hair + makeup artists. Shoots going on here and there, cameras flashing, furniture moving, wedding gowns on fleek, polite and some nervous chit-chatter- and everyone, everyone had a job. It. Was. Awesome. We were working with Britney and the gals from Upstyle who were so warm, friendly, professional and full of laughter- which you can never be in short-supply of while shooting all day. We started up the stairs lugging coffee tables and Bohemian decor up and down up and down. Next was the vintage glam look in the Bull Room. And we finished it off with our favorite look- a beautiful pastel palette.

Inside South Farms it was covered in barn wood- pretty cool if you like that sort of thing…um hello! We do. SOLD. There is a long room to the left that’s just dyin’ for a daring bride to have one long reception table. Do it, we dare you. Over the ‘dance floor’ is an industrial and eclectic chandelier- really bringing that ‘wow’ factor, kind of like ooohhh I want-it-can-we-fit-it-in-the-van-sort-of-way?! The back Bull Room was probably our favorite. A naturally weathered room with wood antiqued by deep gouges from horns, nose rings and feisty kicks.

Being ‘on set’ is always such a magnetic feeling. Magic is happening and it’s your job to help create it The models emulate it and the photographer captures it. The day was long but ended in hysterics mostly because of the oh-so-pro team we were working with and also partially because Leigh’s jeans split BEFORE the shoot even began….nothing a vest around the waist can’t handle.

The work was hard but the payoff was well…print-worthy.

Thank you to Connecticut Bride magazine for deeming it so.

Take a closer look at our three photo-shoots: Bohemian, Glam and Pastel

Photographer: Robyn Blasi

Hair + Makeup: Upstyle

Venue: South Farms