A Different Kind of Mother’s Day

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Of all the holidays that we encounter each year, there’s one in particular that stands out for a myriad of defining reasons. It comes in May, right when Spring on the East Coast starts to make less-subtle hints of its forthcoming presence. This unique day is accompanied by the blossoming of lilacs and magnolias, inviting us to celebrate the gentle change in season with gratitude in our hearts. If you’re thinking about the holiday that’s marked by the gesture of giving flowers, you’re pretty darn close.

Gifting a bountiful bouquet of flowers is one of the most favorable methods for honoring women on Mother’s Day. Gestures like these are about celebrating the light, courage, and kindness that these women bring into our daily lives, regardless of our relation to them. Maybe they’re an aunt, a grandmother or a friend. These are the selfless, supportive and strong women in our lives who have our backs and let us know when we’re wrong, even when we’re too stubborn to see it ourselves. All moms (especially dog moms) and mother figures alike deserve to be celebrated on this day for making the world go ‘round and teaching us how to be as bold as the generations who came before us. 

Sending or hand-delivering a freshly picked, vibrant bouquet of blossoms isn’t exclusive to American tradition. Giving flowers on Mother’s Day is regularly practiced in France, India and Japan, as well as in Mexico. Flowers have become a personalizable staple in paying tribute to moms because of the endless varieties to choose from. An often under-appreciated favorite are carnations, which are especially unique because their different colors represent specific expressions. For example, red carnations are often reserved for significant others, while white carnations honor mothers who have passed away or are miles apart from their loved ones. This excerpt from a National Geographic article sums it up perfectly, quoting Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day: “The carnation does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying.” 

But this Mother’s Day is significantly different than those in the past, for each and every country around the world. As we approach this year’s holiday, we remain wrapped in an unfortunate and unfamiliar situation that insists upon some big changes to our usual intimate traditions. Instead of giving hugs and spending time with family, we’ve been sending affectionate emojis and sharing coffee over FaceTime.

While this calls for non-traditional celebratory measures that may feel impersonal and  uncomfortable, there is no reason why Mother’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated with the same soft, kind intentions of showing appreciation and admiration for the difference all the mommas make in our world. Mother’s Day is about finding as many reasons as stems in a bouquet to thank these women for being who they are, even if it means saying it through the phone. This year’s celebration of motherhood needs to be louder and bigger than ever, so every mother across the world feels recognized for their resilience and unconditional love.

In other words, the gift of giving flowers on Mother’s Day just became a lot more important.

Regardless of the distance, these women still make a positive impact in our lives. We simply wouldn’t be here without them, and we’re here to help you send that message. Our team will be safely delivering flowers and taking all necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our customers healthy, so that the mothers in your lives feel extra cherished this Mother’s Day.

Written by Gillian Mattern